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Learning To Accept Those You Don’t Like

Learning To Accept Those You Don’t Like

Learn to accept those you don't like

Let’s face it, you’re not going to like everyone. Sometimes the feeling is mutual.

Learning to accept those you don’t like is a part of life I ask you to reconsider. I understand, we meet someone at work or outside of work, who just rubs us the wrong way sometimes. Your instincts tell you, there is something about this person that goes against everything you believe in.

Other times it’s not quite so dramatic. You might be making every effort to build a relationship, but they’re just not having it. Or there’s some previous history standing in the way of a relationship with someone.

Whatever the case, there comes a time to let dislike go. Holding onto animosity, even something so subtle as not wanting to be around a certain individual at work, only winds up hurting you in the end. In fact, you might be missing out on some hidden benefits by accepting someone you don’t like.

Intrigued? Read on to discover the why of it, and better yet, the how.

The benefits of learning to accept those you don’t like

  • Reduces stress caused by the tension within the relationship
  • Cuts down anxiety regarding what the other person will say or do
  • Frees you from destructive thought patterns regarding this individual
  • Allows you to enjoy your relationships fully without worrying about how someone will or won’t react

In order to get started, you only need to follow these three steps.

How To Accept Others For Who They Are

Address Any Fears

How to accept others for who they are

Often when we dislike someone, it’s because they’re triggering us somehow. By looking deeper into the emotions being raised, and addressing them, you’ll be able to let go of a lot of the negativity you’re feeling toward them. This is especially true of fears, which have a way of looking like a lot of other things, such as dislike.

Let Go of the Anger

Much like fears, anger has a way of keeping up a pretense of hearty dislike. This is what happens when you let things fester, especially over something you’ve been holding onto for a while. Pro tip? Try forgiveness. Lay the past to rest between you and try accepting this individual now, in the moment. If there isn’t any past, check in with your beliefs and see if they are causing you to be triggered.

Look for the Good in the Relationship

If you’re caught up in dislike in a relationship, you might not have noticed there has been a positive impact on your relationship in some form or another. Look for the things you’ve learned from the individual. Even harsh lessons have a way of helping us learn to accept those you don’t like, benefitting us in the long run.

Sometimes we do ourselves a great disservice by hanging onto an immediate feeling of dislike for someone. As humans who grow and change, if we allow for it, relationships with those we don’t like can improve. Even if the connection never becomes stronger, learning to accept those you don’t like as that’s just the way they are, will bring more peace into your life.

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